Dog Grooming at Dog Culture in Greenville South Carolina

Dog Culture: Where Your Pup Gets the Best Grooming and Care

Dog Culture provides a range of pampering services for your furry friend. Their expert groomers will ensure that your dog is treated with love and care while getting a thorough cleanse and groom.

First up is the Departure Cleanse. If your dog has been playing around at The Culture Club, the groomer will make sure that they return home clean and refreshed. Next, the Doggie Essential Cleanse is perfect for dogs who need a basic bath after playing outside. The groomer will select the right shampoo and conditioner that is best suited for your dog's skin and coat.

For those who want to treat their dogs to a little extra pampering, the Doggie Indulgence package is the way to go. It includes shampoo and conditioning, a blueberry facial, ear cleaning, nail clipping and dremeling, paw pad trimming and moisturizing, gland expression, ear hair plucking, and face/feet/tail trimming.

If your furry friend has long hair, the Deluxe Doggie Indulgence package is recommended. It includes a full personalized groom and everything included in the Doggie Indulgence package.

Dog Culture also offers a range of a la carte services that you can add to your dog's grooming experience, such as a de-shedding treatment, teeth cleaning, and nail polish.

It's important to note that pups must be current on vaccinations, flea/tick and heartworm medications, and reservations must be canceled 24 hours in advance of the appointment to avoid a charge. The final price may vary depending on breed, coat length, coat thickness, dog temperament, and length of time between grooms.

At Dog Culture, your dog will receive the very best care and affection while getting pampered by their expert groomers. So why not give your pup a day of indulgence and treat them to a grooming experience they'll never forget?


627 W. Washington St. Greenville, South Carolina 29601
(864) 558-0597



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