Dog Grooming at Noble Dog Hotel in Greenville South Carolina

Noble Dog Hotel Luxury Grooming: Your Dog Deserves the Best

At Noble Dog Hotel, they understand that our four-legged family members deserve the very best. That's why they offer exceptional grooming services designed to leave your pup looking and feeling their absolute best.

Their grooming services include luxury baths, which feature a shampoo and conditioner treatment, ear cleaning, and nail trimming. Prices for these services vary based on the size and length of your dog's fur. If you're looking for a full groom, Noble Dog Hotel offers haircuts to your specifications in addition to the luxury bath.

But Noble Dog Hotel's grooming services don't stop there. They also offer individual services like nail trims, ear cleaning, and pawdicures (a pad soak and nail trim). And if your pup needs a little extra pampering, they offer add-ons like blueberry facials and warm towel facials.

At Noble Dog Hotel, their team of trained professionals is dedicated to ensuring your pup feels safe and comfortable throughout the grooming process. They understand that each dog is unique, and they work hard to provide personalized care that suits your furry friend's individual needs.

If you're looking for a grooming experience that will leave your pup feeling pampered and loved, look no further than Noble Dog Hotel. Their commitment to exceptional care and attention to detail ensures that your furry friend will be looking and feeling their best after a visit to their grooming salon.

1320 Hampton Ave, Suite 8
Greenville, SC 29605
(864) 412-5222



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