Happy Paws Pet Sitting: Happy Dog Care for When You're Not There

Happy Paws Pet Sitting: Happy Dog Care for When You're Not There

Are you tired of feeling guilty about leaving your furry friend at home while you go to work or go on vacation? Look no further than Happy Paws Pet Sitting! With a commitment to excellent customer service and a love for animals, Happy Paws Pet Sitting has been providing high-quality pet care for over 10 years.

Their professional sitters are compassionate and go beyond just walking your dog or pet sitting. They strive to give you peace of mind knowing that your beloved pet is being well-cared for in the comfort of their own environment. Plus, with their licensed, insured, and bonded services, you can trust that your pet is in good hands.

For pet owners who want to maintain their pet's daily routine, Happy Paws Pet Sitting offers overnight stays in the owner's home. This service includes a sitter staying longer during the day than just one 30-minute visit, checking and refilling food and refreshing water, sending daily pictures of your beloved pet, and leaving a report card so you can see how much fun your pet had. Your pet's health and happiness are their top priority, and they treat all pets like royalty! 

For pet owners who need a more frequent check-in, Happy Paws Pet Sitting offers pet sitting services that include 30-minute walks, 1-hour walks, drop-in visits, and 1-hour visits. Each service is designed to fit the client's needs and includes services such as bathroom breaks, cleaning litter boxes or cages, receiving daily pictures of your pet, and more. 

And in case of an emergency or veterinary visit, Happy Paws Pet Sitting also offers pet taxi services. They will transport your pet to and from their appointments and include the cost of medication administration until you return home. So, you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands, no matter the situation.

Don't feel guilty or anxious about leaving your furry friend at home any longer! Contact Happy Paws Pet Sitting today to learn more about their services and how they can help give you peace of mind while you're away. Your pet will thank you for it!


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