Mountain Harmony Canine's Service Dog Program: The Right Dog Can Change A Life

Mountain Harmony Canine's Service Dog Program: The Right Dog Can Change A Life

Dogs have been dubbed "man's best friend" for a reason. They offer comfort, companionship, and loyalty to their owners. But for some people, dogs can offer even more than that. Service dogs can be a lifeline for individuals with disabilities, allowing them to live more independently and with greater ease. However, finding the right service dog can be a difficult and time-consuming process. That's where Mountain Harmony Canine comes in.

Mountain Harmony Canine is a company that recently launched a service dog program in April 2021. Their aim is to provide started service dog prospects to qualified individuals. By the time a MHK9 service dog prospect is offered for sale, they will have received a solid foundation of training, with all their training documented in a daily journal. They will be ready to bond with their partner and begin their individualized task training.

Purchasing a started prospect from MHK9 comes with several benefits. First, the risks are minimized. When buying a young puppy, there is a high washout rate due to temperament, health, or training issues. With a started prospect, the groundwork has already been laid, and the dog has been assessed as suitable for service dog work. Second, the chances of success skyrocket. With a well-trained dog, the owner can have confidence in their ability to assist with daily tasks and provide greater independence.

Rebekah, the founder of Mountain Harmony Canine, has over 20 years of professional dog training experience, along with 14 years of grooming. She is a Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP). Rebekah got her start in the assistance dog field in 2000, training hearing dogs and service dogs, teaching classes for puppy raisers, and doing educational demonstrations for schools, clubs, and businesses. Her experience has also included training police K-9s and personal protection dogs, and she and her Kelpie, Kippi, are certified in narcotics detection.

Working dogs are Rebekah's passion, especially service dogs, K-9s, and herding dogs. She grew up with German Shepherds and now has Working Kelpies, an Australian herding breed. With her years of experience and passion for working dogs, Rebekah is well-equipped to train and prepare dogs for service work.

Service dogs have the potential to change lives. They can provide greater independence, assistance with daily tasks, and emotional support. However, finding the right dog can be a challenge. With Mountain Harmony Canine's service dog program, individuals with disabilities can have access to started service dog prospects that have received a solid foundation of training and are ready to bond with their new partner. With the right dog, anything is possible.


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