Our program brings together local dog accounts to create engaging social media and blog content that showcase the best of the dog-culture around Greenville.

As part of the program, participating dog accounts become our official trailblazers and ambassadors. They share their adventures and experiences with our audience, highlighting the best places to take your furry friend in Greenville, such as dog parks, hiking trails, pet stores, breweries, restaurants, local events and more.

Our trailblazers capture the essence of the city's dog culture and share it with the world.

We're excited to work with our trailblazers to create content that promotes the joy that dogs bring to our lives and their love for Greenville.

By becoming a trailblazer, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your unique perspective, connect with other dog owners in the community, and be a part of an exciting initiative that celebrates the best of Greenville's amazing dog culture.

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As a Good Dogs of Greenville Trailblazer, there are several benefits you can expect to receive, including:

  1. Increased exposure: Your content will be featured on our website and social media channels, providing you with additional exposure and visibility to our audience.
  2. Recognition as an authority: You will be recognized as an authority in the Greenville dog community, with your account linked to the content you create, providing additional exposure to your personal brand and helping to grow your following.
  3. Community involvement: You'll have the opportunity to connect with other local dog owners and be a part of a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates the love and joy that dogs bring to our lives.
  4. Professional growth: Through our program, you will have the opportunity to grow your content creation skills, work with our other trailblazers, and learn about social media and blogging best practices.
  5. Rewards and incentives: From time to time, we may offer rewards and incentives to our trailblazers, such as access to exclusive events, dog-friendly products, or free/discounted services from our partners.
  6. Personal satisfaction & fulfillment: As a trailblazer, you'll have the opportunity to give back to the local community with your content. Giving back to the community is not only rewarding, but it's also a chance to show your love and appreciation for the city that we call home.

What does it require?

Great question! Becoming a Good Dogs of Greenville Trailblazer requires a few key things:

  1. A love for dogs and the Greenville community: We're looking for dog owners who are passionate about their furry friends and the local community.
  2. An active social media account: We require our trailblazers to have an active Instagram account.
  3. Content creation: As a trailblazer, you will be asked to create content (such as photos, videos, and blog posts) that showcase the best dog-friendly spots and events in Greenville. We might send your on a trail (our word for a mission) to explore a specific place, or you can send us your ideas.
  4. Good eye for photography: Our trailblazers should have a good eye for capturing the perfect photo that showcases the beauty of what they are exploring and their furry friend.
  5. Collaboration with our team: You will work closely with our team to plan and create content that aligns with our mission and vision for the program.
  6. Adherence to our guidelines: We have a set of guidelines that all trailblazers must adhere to, such as maintaining a positive and inclusive tone in their content. But don't worry, we will help with the writing.

Overall, being a trailblazer requires a commitment to creating engaging and high-quality content that showcases the best of Greenville's dog-friendly community. It's a fun and rewarding opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in the dog community, and be a part of an exciting initiative that celebrates the best of Greenville's dog culture.