Magnetic South Brewery: Family-Friendly Brewery with a Fun Taproom Space

Dog-Friendly Inside & Outside

Location: 701 Easley Bridge Rd #4155, Greenville, SC 29611

Magnetic South Brewery is a vibrant, dog & family-friendly brewery, pulsating with high energy, and boasting a lively taproom ambiance. Their mission is simple: to offer refreshing, approachable brews alongside delectable Southwestern cuisine and snacks. At their brewery, both beer novices and craft aficionados converge, united by their love for great brews, delicious food, and memorable moments.

Nestled within the historic Judson Mill property in Greenville, SC, their new location emerged in March 2023. Bearing the esteemed Magnetic South name and logo, this venue boasts a slightly larger footprint compared to our Anderson roots. Here, patrons can revel in an expanded array of games and ample space to unwind and savor exceptional beers. Remember them when planning your next party or corporate gathering; their spacious venue ensures everyone can gather comfortably.

The essence of Magnetic South epitomizes genuine Southern hospitality, where good beer, good food, and good company converge to create unforgettable experiences. 

They eagerly anticipate welcoming you and your furry companions to their vibrant establishment.

Whether you're a Greenville local or just passing through, put on your favorite Good Dogs of Greenville shirt, and be sure to add Magnetic South Brewery to your list of must-visit spots. And while you're there, don't forget to share your experience with us by tagging us on social media using the hashtag #gooddogsofgreenville. We can't wait to see you and your furry friend enjoying everything that Magnetic South has to offer.

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