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Dog Training Elite Upstate SC is a professional, family owned Greenville, SC-based dog training company with over 40 years of experience that specializes in strengthening the bond between your dog and your family, with a strong emphasis on teaching your dog the highest level of obedience, despite even the toughest level of distractions.

  • Obedience Training

    One of Dog Training Elite’s most popular dog training services is to teach basic dog obedience training in Greenville, SC. This includes both in-home dog training sessions and group classes for a more advanced approach.

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  • Group Classes

    Dog Training Elite offers small dog training classes after obedience training is completed and only once a dog is fully immunized. Dog obedience classes in Greenville are held on a consistent basis and are included in most packages.

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  • Puppy Training

    Getting a new puppy can be an exciting adventure, especially for new puppy owners. However, the most common mistake new owners make is underestimating the knowledge, commitment, and effort needed to train a new puppy.

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  • Facility Training

    1 & 2 week day-board elite training camp options available (Monday - Friday). Dog must qualify for this program. We teach you everything that your pup has learned and how you can continue the practice.

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  • In-Home Training

    During in-home sessions, trainers get to know the dog and its environment. There are often particular issues- chasing the mailman or barking at the neighbor’s cat - that are not observed in an out-of-home setting. Bringing a professional dog trainer into your home creates a personalized training experience, that addresses your dog’s particular issues.

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  • Puppy Essentials Webinar

    You will learn everything from basic obedience to tips and tricks for raising your puppy. Socialization and neutralization are also covered in this enriching Webinar! Plus you will have time to get your questions answered by our experienced dog trainers, for a truly tailored experience.

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  • Anxiety/Aggression Training

    Dog Training Elite Upstate SC behavior modification process is highly personalized. They work with owners in their home to slowly retrain a dog’s reactions to stressful situations and then work to integrate them back into the community. 

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  • Military Veteran Service Dog Training

    Service dogs can help ease both mental and physical impairments attained through a veteran’s service to our country. Many veterans suffer from PTSD, physical disabilities, and a variety of other handicaps and service dogs have been proven to lessen symptoms and assist in integrating veterans back into normal routines as much as possible.

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  • Therapy Dog Training

    A therapy dog is a dog that performs a service for other people. Typical therapy dog tasks are going to nursing homes or hospitals to cheer people up. For your dog to qualify, he/she must be friendly with strangers, and with training, be able to work around a high level of distraction and to understand personal boundaries, such as not jumping up, licking, mouthing, etc.

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  • Service Dog Training

    The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines a service dog as “a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.” Disabilities include mental or physical impairments that affect an individual’s ability to perform one or more major life activities (walking, seeing, etc.). Service dogs are trained to guide and assist such individuals so that they can lead happier, healthier lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you rates?

All of our rates are listed here on our website.

What is involved with a free assessment?

One of our trainers in Greenville will come out to your house to meet with you and your dog, and discuss the issues that you are having. We will then demonstrate one of our dogs, so you can see what you can expect with using our services. From there, we will discuss the various packages we offer, and which we feel would best suit your (and your dog's) needs.

Is an electronic collar the same as a "shock" collar?

The answer to this is in how the technology of "shock" collars (as they were called in the past) has changed a lot since they originated several years ago. The stimulation in the electronic collars we use is much like aTENS unitand provides a tapping sensation that is used to get the dog's attention on a very low level. We use a brand calledDogtra. We do not use "shock" collars, but electronic collars employed by the top obedience trainers around the world and in Greenville.

Will the electronic collar hurt my dog?

No. We use electronic collars to get the dogs attention only. When you work around distractions (which is one of our main focuses), keeping your dog's attention is paramount. The collar, combined with positive reinforcement (we like to use praise), help create a positive learning environment in Greenville for your dog.

How much will the electronic collar cost?

In most cases, the collar will run at about $250, without tax, but is subject to market fluctuation in Greenville.

Will my dog have to wear the electronic collar all the time?

No, but your dog will wear it a lot in the beginning. The objective is to create a conditioned response with your dog; meaning that when you say 'sit', your dog sits automatically without thinking about it first. Much like Pavlov's Dogs or Pavlovian Conditioning, we create a reflex response to you giving a command using the electronic collar. That being said, after your dog is "collar-conditioned", you will be able to remove the collar and still have a dog that will be obedient.

How do your services differ from your competitors?

Unlike other competitors in Greenville, we offer the full gamut of obedience (come, sit, down, heel, place) on/off-leash and around distractions. Our services are also highly personalized, with in-home visits and special training sessions to work with specific issues such as counter-surfing, digging, swimming, etc. Also, not all trainers will work with aggressive dogs or certain breeds (such as pit bulls), but our trainers don't discriminate by breed.

Will I (or my family) be involved with the training?

Yes. You (and anyone in your family who wants to be involved) are integral to your dog getting trained. We need you to practice 5-6 days a week, about 15-20 minutes a day for optimal results.

How often are the training sessions?

Once a week. We come to you (with the silver, gold and platinum packages) once a week to start your dog off, then you come to park sessions which are held once a week in Greenville.

I just have a few issues with my dog, can we cover those issues only?

Unfortunately, no. In order to get a good handle on those issues, we need to make sure that obedience is up to our standards. We provide a strong focus on making the owner a strong "leader of the pack" which tends to help solve of a lot of those issues.

Do you train all breeds, shapes and sizes?

Yes. We've trained 2.5lb Malteses and 200lb Dogue de Bordeauxs, and just about everything in between.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?

Yes. Working with and controlling aggression is one of our specialties in Greenville.

What kind of service dogs do you train?

Generally we train companion dogs to help veterans and others with PTSD (and other psychological conditions) and other services listed under our Service Dog section.

We also train therapy dogs in Greenville (which are not technically or legally considered service animals) to visit hospitals, nursing homes and other treatment centers.

What kind of temperament does my dog need to have to be service trained?

To be a service dog, your dog needs to have an even temperament. Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Standard Poodles, Goldendoodles, etc. typically have a great temperament for service work. For some types of service work, your dog will need to have AKC certifications (such as Canine Good Citizen or Community Canine) which we are able to certify. As always, we would be happy to assess your dog's aptitude for service work for free!

Do you offer personal protection training, and what temperament would a dog need for that?

We do not currently offer personal protection training. Please check back soon.

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