Howling Good K9

121 Wham Lawn Road
Gray Court, SC 29645

Phone: (864) 642-7534


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Pup Perks:

Daycare: Every 5 Days of Daycare Gets You a Free Bath

Boarding: 10% Off Grooming (Spa Bath or Full Groom) with 3 Night Stay Minimum 

Training: 20% Off Your First Training Day

Dog Training Services

Howling Good K9 is a family owned and operated facility located in Gray Court, SC off Fairview Road, 12 minutes from Simpsonville. Head trainer, Julianna Smith, is a canine behaviorist with experience from basic obedience to severe behavioral cases and has knowledge from her many years working in kennels.

  • Basic Obedience


    This program is great for people with a busy lifestyle. Bring your dog to Howling Good K9 for one or two weeks and the basic commands of sit, down, come, and place will be taught.

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  • E-Collar Training

    $1750/3 weeks

    This program is great for owners who like to have their dog off leash, don’t have a fenced in yard, or who just want to have the ability to recall their dog from a distance.

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  • Puppy Training


    This puppy package is perfect for setting you both up for success. It covers crate training, off-leash basics, and setting rules and boundaries. Complete the 3-month program remotely with a canine behaviorist's guidance for a happy, harmonious life together.

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  • Behavioral Training

    Cost Varies (Free Consultation Required)

    Howling Good K9 tailors their behavioral program to best fit your needs and lifestyle. They handle everything from puppy biting to human/dog aggression. They are going to help put you on the right path to success.

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  • Day Training


    Has your dog had previous training or would like to start? Enroll them in Howling Good K9's day training program. They keep your dog for the day and train them on specific skills you want. Let them put your dog to work!

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  • Private Lessons


    During a private lessons, you'll have a trainer's individual attention to help you work through your concerns for your canine. Every dog is different, so they specialize in customizing a training plan for you and your dog that will bring your desired success.

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Boarding & Daycare Services

  • Boarding

    $25/night per dog

    Boarding is an all-inclusive stay at Howling Good K9. While boarding, your dog will enjoy lots of belly rubs and play time! Their staff live on site so your pup will never be without care.

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  • Daycare

    $15/day per dog

    Do you work long hours? Do you have to go out and run errands for the day? If so, then have your pup stay at Howling Good K9 for the day and play with their friends.

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  • Grooming

    Cost Varies

    Howling Good K9 offers a variety of grooming options to keep your dog clean and looking great!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your operating hours?

Operating hours:

Monday-Saturday- 7am-7pm

Sunday- 12pm-7pm

Do I need to make a reservation for your services?

All services require a reservation.

What vaccinations do you require?

Howling Good K9 requires dogs 6 months of age and older to have up to date Bordetella, Distemper Parvo, and Rabies vaccines. Dogs under 6 months are not required to have rabies but must have updated Bordetella and at least 3 rounds of distemper parvo.

Is someone onsite 24/7

Staff live on the property, so your dog has constant care.

Do you have webcams?

Howling Good K9 does not have cameras with client access, but their staff have 24/7 access for canine safety.

What are your daycare hours?

Hours for daycare are as follows:

Monday-Saturday- 7am-7pm

Sunday- 12pm-7pm

How much playtime does my dog get during daycare?

Dogs alternate between play time and rest time throughout the day.

Can my dog aggressive dog come to daycare?

Howling Good K9 does house dog aggressive canines. Staff personally play with your dog if they can’t play with other dogs.

How are the dogs housed in your facility?

While with Howling Good K9, your dog will have comfort in our 5x5 indoor only kennels. Multiple dogs can stay together depending on size.

What does a typical day look like while my dog is staying with you?

Boarding dogs will be let out every 3-4 hours for potty breaks and playtime. (weather determines length of outside time)

What if my dog doesn’t like other dogs? Can they still go out to play?

Howling Good K9 cater to aggressive dogs as well. If your dog cannot play with others, staff will spend time with them to make sure they get playtime.

Do you take human aggressive dogs?

At the moment, Howling Good K9 does not have the facility set up to handle human aggressive dogs. Staff need to be able to get the dog out of a kennel to take outside.

How old does my puppy have to be for it to train with you?

Howling Good K9 requires puppies to have their Bordetella and 3 rounds of the DHPP for them to come to our facility. They allow them if they have not had the rabies due to age.

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