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Pup Perks:

 Free Sweet Treat or Kong with Boarding Stay When You Show Your Pup Perks card or Complete the Form Below

Services Offered

We understand the difficulty of leaving your best friend in the care of strangers, and we are committed to providing peace of mind by becoming the extended family for you and your Noble dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Noble Dog different?

Noble Dog is not your traditional boarding kennel. We are a locally owned company, not a franchise. We have someone onsite 24 hours a day, so your dog is always under our watchful care. Dogs stay in their private suites, not kennels. Each suite includes a private webcam so you can check on your dog day or night. We offer multiple suite levels from Luxury Suite to our Pawsidential Suite. We have no breed restrictions or age restrictions. Customers earn loyalty points through our Paw Points program to use on future services.  Our entire staff is trained in Pet First Aid and prepared to provide the best care for you pup. 

What vaccinations are required?

All guests must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. 1 or 3 year Rabies or Distemper is acceptable and 6 month or 1 year Bordetella, whichever your vet recommends. 

We also require that all dogs are on a flea and heartworm preventative. 

Are there age restrictions?

No. Each dog is welcome as long as they don’t need veterinarian supervision.

Are there breed restrictions?

No. Each dog is assessed for their personality not their breed. 

What if my dog requires medication or has special needs?

We pride ourselves on the care of all our Noble Dogs. We do not charge extra to administer medications and we are happy to care for a special needs dog as long as they don’t require constant vet care.  

What is a temperament assessment?

All dogs are required to go through an assessment prior to booking a reservation. This is an opportunity for us to meet your dog and vice versa to see if it is a good fit. We will assess how they are in a suite, in group play and on a walk.

Does my dog have to participate in group play?

No. Not all dogs are social with other dogs and that is okay. If that’s not your dog’s jam, we will make sure they get several walks throughout the day and one on one time.

What if my dog is in heat?

Unfortunately females in heat are not permitted at the hotel. 

What services are available?

We offer boarding, daycare, training, grooming, a retail store and chau-fur service. 

We also host breed meetups, customer appreciation happy hours, pet first aid classes, kids training seminar, and other events! Check out events calendar to keep up with all the fun. 

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes! For every dollar spent at Noble Dog you will receive Noble points that turn into Noble cash! Just ask us to convert your points to cash and we will put a credit on your account.

The more your dog stays and plays with us, the more points you earn and achieve elite status level.

Silver level guests receive a Noble Dog gift.

Gold level guests receive VIP gift during stay, 10% discount on weekday stays (M-TH, excludes holidays)

Platinum level guests receive VIP gift during stay, 10% discount on boarding (excludes holidays), late check fee waived.

Are you open everyday?

We are open 7 days a week but we do close daycare on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. On these holidays all boarding pick ups and drop offs for boarding must occur between 7a-9a and 4p-6p. Daycare is closed on these holidays.

What if I have more than one dog?

We offer discount rates for multiple dogs. Only same family dogs are permitted to board together and must pass their temperament assessment together to be able to share a suite for the discount.

Do you have webcams?

Yes we offer webcams in all of our play yards and every suite has a private webcam. Once your dog checks in you will have access to see them in their room or play area. 

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes! Our services book up weeks in advance sometimes and we cannot guarantee a space without a reservation. 

How do I make a reservation?

Once an account is created and your dog has passed their assessment you can book reservations online, on the app, email us your request or call us.

In order to book online all vaccinations must be up to date in our system.

Do I need to cancel my reservation if I don't need it?

Yes! All reservations with us must be cancelled to avoid cancellation fees if you cannot make the appointment or reservation.

Grooming reservations must be cancelled within 24 hours to avoid fees.

Daycare reservations must be cancelled within 24 hours to avoid fees.

Boarding and training reservations must be cancelled within 72 hour to avoid fees.

Is there a minimum night stay?

Only during holidays is there a 2 night stay minimum.

What do I need to bring for my dog?

Their food in either ziploc bags or a sealed container, any medications they are taken with the original bottle to identify the medication and dosage, a quick release collar (buckle collars, harnesses, and martingales are not permitted in group play or in the suite), and please limit toys to 5 or less.

We provide bedding, bowls, and lots of fun!

Dogs should come on a 6ft leash or shorter. Retractable or flexi leads are not permitted in our lobby.

When can I drop off and pick up my dog?

We are open 7am-7pm Sunday – Wednesday and 7am-9pm Thursday-Saturday. We do recommend dropping your dog off before noon so they can get acclimated and have some quality play time.

Checkout time is noon, your dog is welcome to stay longer but they will be checked into daycare and daycare rates apply

Late pick ups can occur until 945pm at the latest and incur a $10 late fee.

What if I cannot pick up my dog but a friend can?

Anyone that is not in your household is not permitted to pick up your dog unless we have written notice of the name of person, relationship, and their phone number. They will need to show us ID at pick up.

The request must be in writing and cannot be left on voicemail, over the phone or in person.

Do you offer drop off and pick up service?

Yes! We offer a chau-fur service for our Noble guests. We require reservations to be made 24 hours in advance. Rates vary depending on the time traveled.

Will my dog be alone overnight?

No. Our team cares for your dog 24/7.

What is group play?

Group play is where the dogs get to socialize together in our fitness center or green room. All group play is monitored by staff at all times. We divide groups based on energy, size and temperament. Groups could shift throughout the day depending on the chemistry of the group. 

Do you offer packages?

We offer daycare packages. They are good from 1 year from purchase, non-refundable and non-transferable.

Is group play safe?

Group play does come with risks that you should know about.  After all, dogs are animals and have very powerful jaws and teeth. Our staff is trained to monitor the play yards and observe the body language and behavior of the dogs. However there is still the risk of a dog snapping or getting into a fight with another dog. We do see very few minor injuries but they do happen. We will notify parents as soon as possible to discuss the situation and should a dog need medical care we will get them to the vet ASAP.  Our assessments of each dog are ongoing and can change from time to time depending on the behavior. 

Do the dogs go outside everyday?

We are fortunate to have the option to be indoor or outdoor. We keep the dogs indoor during inclement weather or during hot days. Our facility is climate controlled and we can keep all our Noble dogs safe. 

What does limited group or no group mean?

We classify each dog as either full group, limited group, or no group.

Full group means they mind their manners and are good at self regulating.

Limited group could be an older dog that needs breaks, a younger dog that doesn’t know when to take a nap, or gets a little overzealous and needs some breaks. Essentially limited group dogs will receive breaks throughout the day.

No group is dog that is not permitted into group either due to medical reasons or behavioral.

What other risks are there for my dog?

Some dogs may experience seperation anxiety from their family for a day or two. This can lead to loss of appetite or abnormal stool. We do monitor these situations and have some special tricks to encourage eating.

As in any group enviroment dogs are also susceptible to picking up illnesses whether its a stomach bug or a respiratory illness. Our staff works hard to keep a clean environment however some illnesses are hard to prevent when the dogs are in close contact with one another. Younger, older and dogs that come less frequent tend to have the weakest immunity. We assure you we do everything we can to send every dog home happy and healthy.

Do you board cats?

After a unanimous vote from the dogs, no, we do not take cats. 

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