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Dog Training Services

At Paw & Order Dog Training, their mission goes beyond mere obedience training. They recognize that a well-behaved dog is only a fraction of the equation. Their goal is to transform households and foster lasting relationships. Their approach is rooted in compassion, respect, and effective training techniques. They understand that each dog is unique, and they tailor their training methods to suit their individual personality and learning style.

  • In-Home Dog Training

    Address issues at home first for effective resolution in familiar surroundings. As training advances, public settings are introduced to tackle distractions. The adult program is commitment-based, ensuring persists until all your goals are achieved, regardless of training duration.

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  • Stay & Train Program

    Consider the Stay & Train Program if you lack time or skills to train your dog(s). Your dog(s) will stay with experienced trainers for 3 to 4 weeks (or longer if needed), receiving intensive one-on-one training and socializing with other dogs.

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  • Virtual Dog Training

    Virtual dog training operates like the in-home option, with a commitment to achieving your goals regardless of training duration. Rather than visiting your home, trainers conduct online sessions to observe your dog's behavior and provide step-by-step guidance.

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  • Group Classes

    This isn't your ordinary pet store obedience class – expect real results! Over five weeks, we'll tackle various unwanted dog behaviors. Perfect for fine-tuning even the "pretty good dogs" out there.

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  • Adventures

    Paw & Order holds various adventures throughout the year, usually once or twice every weekend. They typically include 10 to 20 dogs, and usually take place at local parks or trails. 

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Canine Good Citizen Training & Evaluations

Paw & Order Dog Training offers an advanced Canine Good Citizen Training and Evaluation program, surpassing traditional obedience training. Tailored to prepare dogs for well-mannered public outings, this program is ideal if you aspire to confidently take your furry friend to parks, restaurants, or events.

Under expert guidance, your dog undergoes a comprehensive curriculum aligned with Canine Good Citizen certification standards. Training covers essential commands and behaviors fostering responsible ownership and polite conduct in public spaces.

During training, your dog learns leash manners, polite greetings, calm behavior around other dogs, and reliable obedience commands like sit, stay, and come, even amidst distractions. Paw & Order conducts evaluations to meet American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen requirements, ensuring your dog's readiness for certification.

Upon successful evaluation, your dog earns the esteemed Canine Good Citizen title, reflecting their exemplary behavior and your dedication as a responsible owner. With this program, confidently explore public areas with your well-behaved companion, opening doors to shared adventures and positive experiences.

About the Trainer: Drew Brashier

Trainer Drew Brashier embodies the essence of Paw & Order Dog Training. With a profound love for dogs and a passion for aiding others, Drew infuses each session with his wealth of experience and expertise. His patient, compassionate, and personalized approach distinguishes him as a trainer attuned to the unique needs of every dog.

Drew's dedication to fostering strong bonds and effective communication between dogs and owners permeates his work. Through attentive listening and observation, he crafts customized training programs tailored to address specific challenges and aspirations.

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