Dog Daycare at Dog Culture in Greenville South Carolina

Dog Culture's Unique Daycare Approach: Montessori for Dogs

Dog Culture, owned and operated by dog lovers Megan and Steve Mussman, is a unique and fun enrichment facility located in the downtown area of Greenville. They created the facility out of a recognition of a real need for doggie businesses in the area. Their love for dogs began early, growing up with dogs in both of their families. As residents of Greenville, they know how dog-friendly the town is and want to enhance the connection between you and your four-legged friend.

At Dog Culture, the team strives to create an environment and experience unlike any other. Their ultimate goal is to build relationships with each person and pup they serve. They are also committed to supporting local rescues and often hold fundraisers through Dog Culture.

Dog Culture offers a safe, healthy, and active social environment facilitated by a trained and knowledgeable team. They believe that each dog deserves the best and promise to offer them the best while in their care. The experience you and your pup have at Dog Culture will enhance your relationship with your furry friend and transcend the four walls they maintain.

Daycare at Dog Culture is like a Montessori School for doggies. Dogs have a daily schedule that includes playtime with friends, outdoor fun, puzzles, and even naps. The active and structured schedule is both stimulating and nurturing for your furry friend. Dogs are split into small groups based on size, age, social activity, and temperament, which allows their staff to manage and interact with all of their guests.

Dog Culture offers a range of features to ensure your dog has the best experience possible. Their daily schedule is structured and monitored, and they have webcams that allow you to view your pet during the day. They also have an indoor climate-controlled environment, large roll-up garage doors that bring the outside in, indoor and outdoor play equipment, and outdoor water features.

Doggie daycare is critical to your pup’s mental and physical health. For puppies, daycare allows them the opportunity to socialize and learn social cues, which is vital to their development. For adult dogs, daycare gives them the exercise and socialization that allows them to thrive. However, doggie daycare is not a perfect fit for every dog. Reactive or fearful dogs may not have a good experience at daycare and may not be a good fit. Each dog at Dog Culture undergoes a meet and greet to determine if the daycare environment is appropriate.

In conclusion, Dog Culture provides a unique and personalized experience for your furry friend that will enhance your bond with them. If you're looking for a safe and reliable daycare facility for your pup, Dog Culture is the perfect solution.


627 W. Washington St. Greenville, SC 29601
(864) 558-0597


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