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Pup Perks:

Free Bath With a Lodging Stay When You Show Your Pup Perk Cards or Complete the Form Below

Services Offered

At Southern Paws, they are deeply committed to the well-being and safety of your beloved pets. Their highly-trained staff is dedicated to providing ethical and compassionate pet care, continually investing in education and advancement.

  • Day Camp

    Don’t leave your dog home alone all day – let them have a blast playing with other dogs instead! Indoor facilities cater to both small and large dogs, while our outdoor playtime ensures your furry friend gets plenty of fresh air and exercise

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  • Lodging

    Treat your pets to a vacation too! At Southern Paws, we offer year-round suites for your furry companions. Our spacious and private rooms ensure a comfortable stay, away from other guests. Plus, pets from the same household can share a suite.

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  • Grooming/Spa

    Discover a positive and comfortable spa treatment with our friendly team, dedicated to ensuring your pet’s well-being and your satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Southern Paws in Piedmont primarily provide?

At Southern Paws in Piedmont, we offer a wide range of premier dog services that are tailored to meet the needs of your furry friends. Our offerings include the highly acclaimed Doggie Day Camp, a luxurious Lodge for overnight stays, a well-stocked Retail section, professional Grooming services, and a pampering Spa experience. Join us at Southern Paws and let us cater to your dog’s every need, ensuring their utmost comfort and happiness.

At which location do you provide your dog day care services?

Our dog day care and lodging services are conveniently located at Southern Paws in Piedmont. You can find us at 110 Jackson Drive, Piedmont, SC 29673. Remember to schedule an appointment before visiting to ensure we can provide the best care for your furry friend!

Do you accept all types of dogs for your various services?

At Southern Paws, we welcome dogs of all breeds for our diverse range of dog services. Whether your furry friend is a playful Pomeranian or a majestic Mastiff, we are here to cater to their every need. Experience our top-notch services tailored specifically for your beloved canine companion.

Are there any types of dogs you do not accept in day care and lodging?

We accept all dog breeds as long as they pass our initial interview process.

Do you provide pet grooming and spa services for all types of dogs?


What does a typical day in dog day care look like?

At Southern Paws, a typical day in dog day care is filled with fun and activities for our furry friends. They get to engage in exciting games like ball-fetching, chase and playing with our Camp Attendants.

What do your dog grooming services include?

Includes bath with shampoo and conditioner, blowout, brush, hair cut, sanitary trim, nail clip, and paw pad trim, bandanna or bows & finishing spray.

What kinds of ultimate extra spa services do you offer?

At Southern Paws, we pride ourselves on providing a wide range of exclusive and luxurious spa services for your beloved puppy. Treat your furry companion to our exquisite ultimate extra spa services, designed to pamper them in the most indulgent way possible. From gentle ear cleaning to invigorating blueberry facials, precise nail filing and cutting, effective de-shedding, and soothing body reflexology, we offer it all. Allow us to spoil your fur baby with these additional pampering options, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention they deserve.

Do you sell dog clothing, accessories and other supplies?

Yes. We offer collars, harnesses, Rockster Organic Dog Food, dog beds, toys and much more.

How do you take care of undisciplined dogs and make them behave?

To transform undisciplined dogs into well-behaved companions, Southern Paws excels in providing exceptional care. Instead of resorting to punishment, we employ reward-based tactics that captivate your furry friend’s attention. By offering affectionate petting, and engaging play, we motivate your dog to follow commands and exhibit desirable behavior. Our approach focuses on redirecting unwanted behavior towards more acceptable alternatives, paired with rewarding incentives. Experience the joy of a well-behaved and happy dog with Southern Paws.

How do you make dogs stay calm during grooming procedures?

At Southern Paws, we understand the importance of keeping dogs calm during grooming procedures. Our professional groomers know that the right words and tone can make a significant difference in the dog’s behavior. Rather than using harsh tones that make dogs nervous, our groomers employ gentle and soothing communication to help dogs relax and stay still during their grooming session. Through the use of gentleness, patience, and positive reinforcement, we ensure that dogs can and will remain calm and cooperative throughout the process.

What steps do you take to ensure that a dog does not suffer any injuries during the pet grooming process?

At Southern Paws, we prioritize the well-being of your furry companions during the pet grooming process. We employ various strategies to ensure their safety and prevent any potential injuries. We recognize the importance of breaks, we allow them regular intervals to rest and recharge. Moreover, we have taken the liberty of implementing non-slip surfaces not only on the floor but also on our grooming benches, ensuring stability and minimizing any potential accidents.

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